En ny dikt av /// Baraa (Fredriksdalsskolan)

When the daylight jostle behind the shadows.

when the light conceal behind the delightful mountains and

when the darkness fall behind the dawn and you will no longer see but the solitaire blue covering you.

You will always find me standing by your door, no matter what . No maker of tears i will have. Regardless i will console you my wonderful friend.

By your door i will stand.

By your side i will be.

Couse you are the friend for me.

Even trow the bouyant ocean behind the stars disappear, you will always find me standing by your door.

Even when the waterfall purl down to the circle of life. Even throw the darkness stairs jostle behind the shadows of yours you will always find me by your door trow the connection of our friendship bound.

When your world is falling to the end of the darkness tears you will always find me by your door and by your side i will be couse you my dear are the friend for me.

You're my friend and with that i will be the gratefulness which you gave me.

I love you

Postat av: hamin

på engelska, coolt. jag gillade den här dikten!!!!

2007-05-15 @ 16:39:19
Postat av: ahmed

best poem writer ever..i admire ur words boba

2007-06-05 @ 12:56:16

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